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Artist Statement

As a geometric abstract artist, I explore the dynamic interplay of color, light, and natural forms. Multiple design layers with elaborate patterns, depth, and a strong sense of movement culminate in a vibrant composition. My work draws from a practice of joyful discovery and creative contemplation. 

While working with geometrical arrangements, I find the “movement,” universal beauty and symmetry inherent to structures stemming from laws of growth. A shared numerical pattern in nature that permeates the arrangement of parts amongst the whole can be seen in the leaves and branches of a tree or the petals of a flower. An axial symmetry as circles encircle circles creates an atmospheric density, and the vibrancy these forms engendered inspired the series’ title of “Wheel within a Wheel.”

Through art-making, I express as a creative response to my environment an inner sense of the essence of nature’s growth force.   The designs intricacy with its prismatic color sensibility springs from a love of nature and its patterns.    


Lorien Suárez-Kanerva  has exhibited her artwork in curated shows at museums, galleries, art expos and fairs, cultural and educational centers, including Curator’s Voice Art Projects (Miami, Florida,) Artists 101 and the Makeshift Museum (Los Angeles, California), Art Basel SCOPE (Switzerland and Miami,) the Venice Bienale collateral event Personal Structures GAA Foundation, Florida Atlantic University and Boca Raton Museum of Art, Palm Springs Art Museum and at UC Berkeley’s Engineering Department She has a BA High Honors in History from UC Berkeley.  Her graduate work in Europe includes an MA (Cum Laude) from the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium, History at the Universidad de Salamanca and in Business at ESADE in Barcelona.

Curriculum Vitae

ESADE Business Graduate Program, Barcelona, Spain 1998 – 2000
KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT MA in European Studies, Cum Laude, Leuven, Belgium
UNIVERSIDAD DE SALAMANCA History Department, ERASMUS-Acción Jean Monet Graduate Studies, Salamanca, Spain
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at Berkeley BA in History, High Honors, Berkeley, California
LORIEN SUAREZ ART STUDIO, Sole Proprietor, Artist, 2001-Present
INTEL CORPORATION, Internship, Corporate Contributions and Academic Relations, Hillsboro, Oregon
INTEL CORPORATION, Internship, Components Research Department, Santa Clara, CA

60 Americans, Makeshift Museum, Curator Terrence Sanders, Downtown LA, October 22-January 25, 2017
Artists 101 Gallery, Solo Show, Curator Terrence Sanders, Downtown LA, April-May 2016
Untitled Projects, Art Basel Scope Miami, Miami, Florida, December 1-6 2015
Curator’s Voice Art Projects Gallery, Curator Dr. Milagros Bello, Miami, Florida
REVEAL Art Fair, Saratoga Springs, NY, August 2-5, 2018.
Solo Show: "Coalescing Geometries," June 2-30, 2018.
Trends, March 10-31, 2018
Currents, February 10-24, 2018
Pinta Miami, Crossing Cultures, December 6-10,2017
"New Voices from Latin America," at "Personal Structures: Time-Space-Existence," 57th Venice Biennale collateral event with GAA Foundation, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy, May 13-November 26, 2017.
Optical Shifts, February 11-March 11, 2017
Art Concept Fair, Modernism and other Languages, November 20-December 4, 2016
PREMIUM show, November 17, 2016-January 27, 2017
Exposure, August 27-September 24, 2017
Post Kinetics Art, July 23-August 20, 2016
Scope Art Basel Switzerland, June 14-19, 2016
artbocaraton, International Pavilion of the Palm Beaches, Florida Atlantic University, March 2016.
Contra-pose, Curator Milagros Bello, February-March 2016
Miami Art Basel Premium Show, Curator Milagros Bello, December-January 2015
Salon Show, Curator Milagros Bello, September-November 2015
Riverside City College Quad Gallery
Group Show: Ron Pokrasso and Associates, curated by Leslie Brown, Riverside, California 2011-2012
Group Show: Refraction: an Exploration of Light and Color, curated by Leslie Brown, artists: Charles Arnoldi, Roland Reiss and Lorien Suarez, glasswork artists: Michael Hermann, Gina Lunn and John Ruth; Riverside, California 2008

Gallery 128
Group Show: Geometrix II, curated by Gloria Klein, 128 Livington Street, New York, Spring 2009

La Sierra University Brandstater Gallery
Group Show: The Art and Science of Climate Change, curated by Beatriz Mejia Krumbein, Riverside, CA 2007

TAG Gallery
Group show: California Open Exhibition, juried by Peter Frank, Santa Monica, California 2007

Riverside Arts Council – Riverside County
Artscape, Winter Exhibition 2006
Riverside Art Museum (RAM)
RAM Art Alliance Outdoor Sculpture-Public Art Project, Giant Orange, 2007
Group show: Monothon, 2007-2009
Group show: Beyond Heritage, curated by Andi Campognone and Peter Frank, 2006
Regional artist showcase for Driven to Abstraction, curated by Andi Campognone and Peter Frank, 2006
Group show: Art Alive, 2005-2006
Museum Artist Members' Show, 2005
Group show: Monothon, 2004
Millard Sheets Gallery
Beyond Heritage, Group show: curated by Andi Campognone and Peter Frank, Pomona, CA, 2006.
Riverside Community Arts Association (RCAA)
Group Show: New Visions: Color, Energy, and Form: Artworks by Jim Huber, Lorien Suarez and Enrique Morales. Riverside, California 2005
Members Gallery Exhibition, Riverside, California 2004-2006
San Diego Art Institute (SDAI)
SDAI Members Show, Juror: Pamela Fong, (Assistant Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, San Diego Museum of Art,) Balboa Park, California 2003
SDAI Multimedia Arts Program Multimedia Art Showcase, Art walk, San Diego, California 2001
Palm Springs Art Museum (PSAM) Artists Council Show, Award: Second Place, Juror: Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Palm Springs, California 2002
Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) Artist Alliance OMA Show, Oceanside, California 2003
Escondido Municipal Gallery
Group Show: It's a Zoo Out There, Juror: Stephanie Hanor, (Assistant Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA) Escondido, California 2003
Members Gallery Exhibition, Escondido, California 2003
TERI, Inc., Art School Entrance, Therapeutic Educational Environment for Children and Adults touched with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 2013
International Association of Boalt Alumni (IABA) UC Berkeley Law School, Boalt Hall, Two Artworks Commissioned, June 2011
Geoform "Geoform is an online scholarly resource, international forum, and curatorial project whose focus is the use of geometric form and structure in contemporary abstract art. The project is edited by Julie Karabenick."
UC Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department Painting Wheel within a Wheel 47 commissioned for donation to UC Berkeley, Cory Hall's Alcove commemorating the late Dr. Richard Newton, EECS Professor and Dean of the College of Engineering.
Riverside City Hall Mayor's Ceremonial Room Artwork display, Spring 2007 to the Present
Escondido Christian Center Sixteen Large Scale Prints Commissioned, Church Lobby, Escondido, California 2004
Art Voices, Front Cover Feature, Winter Art Basel Issue #43, 2015 Studio Visit, Volume #30, Juried Chicago Public Arts Director, Open Studios Press, 2015.
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