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As a geometric abstract artist, I explore the dynamic interplay of color, light, and natural forms. Multiple design layers with elaborate patterns, depth, and a strong sense of movement culminate in a vibrant composition. My work draws from a practice of joyful discovery and creative contemplation.                                 

The exploration of the relationship among the fundamental elements of color, circles, lines, points and planes is a process that fuels my creativity. I seek to contribute to the historical understanding of these elements through what I perceive and render in my paintings.  The works of two Venezuelan artists’, Jesus Soto and Cruz Diez, have significantly influenced my appreciation of how art can reveal from a fragment (or an instance,) to an endless pattern of infinite reality; and that color as an element is not static but has an ephemeral dynamism that is displayed as an endless variation of hues.

While working with geometrical arrangements, I find the movement, universal beauty and symmetry inherent to structures stemming from laws of growth. A shared numerical pattern in nature that permeates the arrangement of parts amongst the whole can be seen in the leaves and branches of a tree or the petals of a flower. An axial symmetry as circles encircle circles creates an atmospheric density, and the vibrancy these forms engendered inspired the series’ title of “Wheel within a Wheel,” following the vision of Ezekiel.

Through art-making, I express an inner sense of the essence of nature’s growth force as a creative response to my environment.    The ethereal and kinetic sensations reflected in my work mirror the growth patterns found in living forms.  The design’s intricacy with its prismatic color sensibility springs from a love of nature and its patterns.    These geometries most of us recognize and know from our sensorial experience of nature in our immediate environment.  The geometries found in my artwork are associated with those seen in plant growth, flowers, waves, spirals in shells, pine cones and also in mineral structures such as crystals.

Creativity is a kind of threshold from which most of us see, meet and understand the world.  Through artmaking, I participate in this process of seeing and responding creatively to my environment, expressing my own sense of the essence of this natural growth force.  While painting, I set aside ready-made notions and look for the response that grows within me.  The process is enigmatic, fascinating and captivating.